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 Diana Scott


Behaviour Consultant

Diana Scott has been working as a Child and Youth Worker; Behaviour Consultant for ten years and has worked with children, youths and adults with various disorders ranging from mild to severe. Diana’s experience in working in group homes, treatment centres, school boards, transitional housing, day cares and private ABA services has expanded her creativity in providing behavioural techniques which bring about a high success rate. Further, her experience in working on IEP’s, behavioural management plans, parent & therapist training and treatment planning coupled with client family needs/goals has provided her with the in-depth knowledge required in understanding behavioural tendencies. Even more, Diana’s certified skills in Non violent Crisis Intervention, Provincial IBI training and Understanding & Managing Aggressive Behaviours (UMAB), allows her to provide various treatment based programs & safety where needed for the client in an effective manner, allowing for a restored state of calm. Diana’s understanding, commitment and passion in working with children, youths and adults was the foundation for her founding of Scott Children & Youth Services.


Chelsea Sheldrick is a communicative Disorders Assistant, in addition to completing a B.A in Psychology and Lingustics. Her educational experiences have provided her with a foundation of knowledge applicable to the field of speech - language pathology. She has provided support to a range of individuals from mild-severe speech and language challenges. Chelsea's experiences with children, youths and adults are within a rehabilitation setting, private practices, part of a preschool initiative for speech language difficulties, and working with brain injury clients. These experiences have enhanced her well rounded background in order to implement exceptional therapy. Chelsea is an upbeat, positive individual who welcomes a challenge. Her excellent communication skills are useful during parent consultation and within her therapy sessions. Chelsea's passion lies in ongoing advocacy for client success and providing therapy.

           ABA Therapists

Therapists that work with SCYS have varying backgrounds including ECE's, CYW's DSW, SSW, B.A's, etc. They have 1 or more years of experience in various settings working with children & youth with various disabilities, disorders & are trained in providing programming based on the principals of ABA. 

Respite Workers

Our respite workers are caring, committed and experienced care givers, providing families with support and understanding of their goals. They have 1 or more years of experience in providing support to families with children diagnosed with various disabilities.

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